D&E Custom Building and Design pride ourselves on our customer service, care and quality craftsmanship. We listen carefully to our customers and provide care and consideration to their needs. Our strong communication skills earn us trust and understanding with our customers. Caring about the works of art we produce involves adding our creativity and adding our own time and skills to every home. We provide a great product and have repeat business from clients throughout the years.


Once you meet with D&E Custom Building and Design, you will see the ideas and innovations we have to offer is more than just meeting with a builder to build a product. The project becomes something you can be proud of at any price from a small project that NEEDS to be repaired to extravagantly gorgeous addition or completely new home.


We pride ourselves on attention to detail and keeping up with the trends. We assist you through a project to create a great experience from start to finish. We have been commended on our personal service with our customers that we work directly with in any project.


We offer stability and reliability. We balance our company with remodeling, repairs, and new construction. When one industry is slow the others pick up. We are versatile in the industry and perform most skills in-house. Our hands on skills allow us to provide creativity and innovation to any project.
Our success is accredited to understanding the customers’ requests and requirement and enjoying what we do.



Payback to the community: We like to give back to the communities we build and live in. We have donated time and materials to many projects. Montclaire Elementary’s outdoor education area, Westridge elementary’s (Elkhorn) Playground, Boyscouts, Weeping Water High School, Gretna High School and Middle School, Gretna Elementary Carnival, Louisville High School, various daycares in Millard and Gretna, Ronald McDonald House, Chamber of Commerce, a variety of fundraisers and many more adding to the list.